Sunday, 9 January 2011

Is Divorce Day - D Day - bleak or simply to an end to years of painful deliberation?

In the past few years articles have bemoaned the fact that, following the festive season, on the first day back to work in January, more people begin divorce proceedings than on any other day. Journalist have named this divorce proceedings day, ‘D Day’ and talk about it in negative terms. I don't know whether divorce is the answer to a miserable partnership or not. But I do think that bringing the problems to a head, openly discussing them and solving them one way or the other is surely a positive thing. Too many people find themselves, day after day, year after year, putting themselves second to a difficult partner or extended family. Yet carry on regardless, with a sinking feeling that they're in reality simply wasting their life. The fact that Christmas and the New Year festivities brings their dissatisfaction into sharp relief could be seen as a positive step towards changing their life for the better. By doing something about their unhappy existence, they won’t find themselves in the exact same position next year; mourning the loss of meaning, purpose or joy in their life. ‘Not everything can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it’s faced.’

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