Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I'm on a train to London listening to some guy spouting about child development. He's talking to a female colleague who's upset because her second child - a 4 year old daughter - had to say goodbye forever to her best friend at nursery and the mum said it broke her heart that she wasn't there. The man is saying that it's good for her, that she'll grow up stronger for it, that these are important lessons for life. Perhaps and perhaps not. Maybe it would have been easier to bear and make sense of with mummy to support her and explain the situation.
But that's not my current beef. What bothers me is that he then went on to say that he has 3 children and you learn a lot about how to handle them each time. His third, he gave the example asks to be dressed or fed at the sane age as the other two were, but he just says 'do it yourself!' All his advice suggests that environment and experience counts.
Prior to this conversation, however, the guy asked if her son and daughter were completely different to which she answered 'yes'. He agreed that his sons and daughter were completely different too and waxed lyrical about how genes are everything!
It never ceases to amaze me how people don't really listen to what they're saying!

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