Friday, 9 December 2011

STAY OR LEAVE? Chapter 1: So your indecision is final! ISBN 978-1-78028-025-7

Hello Everyone. My book is divided into three parts. As you can see, Part I is about you right now, and a synopisis of chapter one - So your indecision is final?! is below:


Chapter 1: So your indecision is final?!

Chapter one spells out the impact that your indecision is having on your making the most of your one and only life. You’ve tried everything from professional counselling, late night talks with friends to self-help books. Each time you think you’ve made a decision, you find yourself back in the loop, raking over excellent reasons to stay and ever better reasons to leave.

The chapter highlights the confusion you feel by your inability to take action, how this is diminishing you as a person, how you are stagnating and making yourself ill. The chapter ends with the three possible options you have if you’re to live a meaningful life.

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