Tuesday, 20 December 2011

STAY OR LEAVE? Chapter 10: Let's Take A Breather ISBN 978-1-78028-025-7

Hello Everyone, i was interviewed about the book on BBC Radio Jersey this morning on the Sara & Carrie show which you can hear on BBC iplayer if you're so inclined! In the meantime, here's a summary of chapter 10...

Chapter 10: Let’s take a breather

Chapter 10 allows you to take a breather and recap on the 64-Million-Dollar questions by summarizing them under the 6 Life Changing Hurdles:

1. Be Authentic - take the risk of being yourself (not what everyone else wants you to be)

2. Accept anxiety as a positive, fundamental human experience (stop giving in to it)

3. Make your one and only life a meaningful one (not one that you’ll end up regretting)

4. Take responsibility for your situation (no blaming others)

5. Be aware that you always have a choice (you’re not as trapped as you think you are)

6. Live by your own values and standards (not everyone else’s)

The chapter reminds you that the journey of change is lonely, painful and tough. It’s never ending and it’s all there is. There is no given, no Guru, no right answer, no authority, just you. You just need to jump; but you need to do it skillfully and Part III of the book offers pragmatic techniques to help you do just that.

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