Tuesday, 20 December 2011

STAY OR LEAVE? Chapter 11:Hurdle 1: Be Authentic - take the risk of being yourself (not what everyone else wants you to be) ISBN 978-1-78028-025-7

Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great Christmas and here's a summary of Chapter 11, the first chapter of Part III which describes how to jump my 6 Life-Changing Hurdles. The chapter explains how to be authentic in the sense of taking the risk of being yourself, not what everyone else wants you to be. And the question I ask below - in bold - is perhaps an apt one, after spending Xmas with your family...?


Chapter 11: HURDLE 1: Be authentic – take the risk of being yourself (not what everyone else wants you to be)

The first hurdle is to ‘Be authentic and take the risk of being yourself (not what everyone else wants you to be)’. To do this, you need to ask yourself ‘Will I commit to a course of action and engage in life as my own person? Or will I remain inauthentic and merely continue as I am now – occupying roles and going through the motions without real commitment?’

Our inauthenticity is most obvious when we stop ourselves saying what we think, being who we are or doing what we want because we know the people around us won’t like it so, instead, prefer to avoid the inevitable flak and conflict. This chapter covers how you handle conflict currently and the changes you need to make in order to get the truth on the table and stop succumbing to an unproductive, unspoken contract in your relationship.

“Beverly Stone shows through logical steps how to break patterns of destructive thinking and behavior and move into a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Highly recommended.” DEEPAK CHOPRA

“This is the ideal book for anyone looking for the courage to make a change. It’s full of practical, sensitive, helpful strategies, yet it’s also so amazingly readable.” DAWN FRENCH

“I’ve known people trapped in deeply unhappy relationships for years, because of no apparent way out. Indecision only adds to the misery. Beverley Stone’s serious guide to honest, clear ways to change, offers men and women the release to be themselves and is inspiring in its lessons.” ANNA FORD

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