Thursday, 29 December 2011

STAY OR LEAVE? Chapter 15: Hurdle 5: Be aware that you always have a choice (you’re not as trapped as you think you are) ISBN 978-1-78028-025-7

Hi. Are you making new years resolutions that excite you? Are you convinced that this year you'll really make them happen? I wonder how long it'll be before life crashes back in and you start to tell yourself that "I can't do this or that because..." Chapter 15 explains how we hypnotise ourselves into the same old same old with our own language and that, in reality, you're not as trapped as you think you are. Make this year the year that you really do overcome all my hurdles and make your life one that you'll look back on with satisfaction, not regrets...

Chapter 15: Hurdle 5: Be aware that you always have a choice (you’re not as trapped as you think you are)

The fifth hurdle is: ‘Be aware that you always have a choice (you’re not as trapped as you think you are)’. It demonstrates how you convince yourself that you are trapped by weighty obligations and stifling routine.

To help take responsibility for your situation, not blame others for it and make your choice, each time you find yourself using the words: ‘I can’t decide’, ‘I can’t stay and change our relationship’, ‘I can’t go and manage alone’, try replacing them with ‘I won’t decide’, ‘I wont stay and change our relationship’, ‘I wont go and manage alone’.

By adopting this techniques outlined in the chapter you feel powerful, free to choose and take responsibility for the choice. You have always been free to do anything with your life. You’ve just been hypnotizing yourself with your own language.

“Beverly Stone shows through logical steps how to break patterns of destructive thinking and behavior and move into a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Highly recommended.” DEEPAK CHOPRA

“This is the ideal book for anyone looking for the courage to make a change. It’s full of practical, sensitive, helpful strategies, yet it’s also so amazingly readable.” DAWN FRENCH

“I’ve known people trapped in deeply unhappy relationships for years, because of no apparent way out. Indecision only adds to the misery. Beverley Stone’s serious guide to honest, clear ways to change, offers men and women the release to be themselves and is inspiring in its lessons.” ANNA FORD

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