Friday, 9 December 2011

STAY OR LEAVE? Chapter 3: Will either decision really end in catastrophe? ISBN 978-1-78028-025-7

As you know, my style is to confront people with the dilemma of whether to Stay or Leave their relationship, with the greatest fear in the human psyche - the fear of a wasted life. People stagnating in a meaningless relationship are wasting their lives and they know it. As you can see, Chapter 3 spells this out in a way that will inspire people to make a move, one way or the other....!

Chapter 3: Will either decision really end in catastrophe?

This chapter shows the impact that your ‘Catastrophic Fantasies’ have on your indecision; how these hold you back rather than allow you to take the risk of change. It challenges you to consider that, by succumbing to your fears, you may be sitting in the ‘Waiting Room of Life’, never becoming the person you could be.

You can no longer sit and wait for it to feel safe to make your move; it never will and, by hoping against hope, you are already regretting a wasted life. You don’t want the following words on your tombstone do you? - Born 1973 Died 2005, Buried 2067

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