Friday, 9 December 2011

STAY OR LEAVE? Chapter 8: The 64-Million-Dollar Questions: Satisfying your own needs and ambitions ISBN 978-1-78028-025-7

Hi, Here are the next set of 64-Million-Dollar questions asked within chapter 8. They ask you to take a new perspective on you're being authentic and satisfying your own needs and ambitions rather than what you may now be going - hesitating and hide who you really are.

Chapter 8: The 64-Million-Dollar Questions: Satisfying your own needs and ambitions

Even if you take responsibility for your situation, accept that you make your own advice and take your decision, you may still hesitate preferring to remain and hide who you really are and what your really want rather than be authentic and risk conflict and disapproval:

‘… the choice either to participate in the collective psychosis or take a risk and become healthy and perhaps crucified.’

In order to stimulate the reader to take action, the 64 Million Dollar Questions continue with: ‘If not now, when?’ ‘What’s the worst thing that can happen?’ ‘Will it really happen?’ and ‘How does it feel now, standing still?’

This chapter reminds people that being authentic and leaving for pastures new or staying yet demanding new ground rules can be dangerous. But so, too, can continuing to live an inauthentic, unfulfilled life.

“Beverly Stone shows through logical steps how to break patterns of destructive thinking and behavior and move into a healthy relationship with yourself and others. Highly recommended.” DEEPAK CHOPRA

“This is the ideal book for anyone looking for the courage to make a change. It’s full of practical, sensitive, helpful strategies, yet it’s also so amazingly readable.” DAWN FRENCH

“I’ve known people trapped in deeply unhappy relationships for years, because of no apparent way out. Indecision only adds to the misery. Beverley Stone’s serious guide to honest, clear ways to change, offers men and women the release to be themselves and is inspiring in its lessons.” ANNA FORD

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